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Le nuove tecnologie richiedono un forte impegno

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World Leather - Apr/Mag 2018

Le nuove tecnologie richiedono un forte impegno

“Le nuove tecnologie richiedono un forte impegno” – articolo uscito su World Leather – Apr/Mag 2018

Cartigliano: drying expertise and technologies over 60 years

When a visitor enters into Cartigliano Italy, the first impact is for sure to be in a manufacturing industry. But then when you visit in details the different departments, from commercial, technical, R&D and production you realize that you are walking inside a world apart, where new ideas are shared between co-operators, Universities, Associations and developed together to build new technologies, not only for tannery industries, but also for environmental and food industry.

The Italian Company located one hour far from Arzignano area and born in 1961 as a leather drying factory is very well known worldwide for its commitment in the leather drying sector.
What people usually don’t know is how they have been able to reach the highest level of manufacturing in an industry, the tannery, that is somehow complicate for its product, different and therefore complex to be treated.

There are a lot of stories that can be told about how to dry leather in the best way, but for Cartigliano facts are much more efficient and on this they based their way of working.

New ideas, projecting, designing and manufacturing start in the Italian headquarte. But then how to demonstrate that a new technology plant can work in production for 24/7 giving constancy, consistency, yield and quality over the years?

They found their own way in Mexico, where they founded in 1992 a contractor company, Cartigliano de Mexico. Here Cartigliano works leathers for the same clients that are buying Cartigliano plants from Italy. It’s uncommon in the tannery field, but for sure it is appreciated from the most important Automotive Companies, from which Cartigliano recently received two awards as best supplier with 100% yield and zero brake.

“Testing our equipment in Cartigliano de Mexico before leading them into the market is for us an important chance to demonstrate our capacity and our know-how in leathers drying” says Dr.Polato, President of Cartigliano “Our aim is to be partner of our clients, not a simple machinery’s supplier. For us this is fundamental. Together we can find always better solution, every time customized for our clients for their different requirements”

In the last 5 years they introduced an innovative system, called “a-CNS” Vacuum Dryer (acronym for “a-Complete New Story”), they produced more than 320 units of this plant, which is a considerable number.

All Cartigliano machines are continuously upgraded and innovated, not only for new ideas coming from their R&D dept but also thanks to the feedback they receive from their Mexican facility.

The latest example of the continuous development has been launched in the last Tanning Tech exhibition in Milan and has already caught the attention from the tannery world.
The concept is to revolutionize the finishing drying, by manufacturing a machine totally different from the previous ones, able to dry only the water content inside the finishing product and not the whole leather through a Radio Frequency system.

Born as drying experts of different products, from Formula 1 tires to nuts for Nutella, Cartigliano applied its knowledge and know-how in another important sector, that is becoming nowadays an essential point: a new dryer, called EFT, already installed in different industries around the world, from China to Italy, able to reduce drastically the mass and volume of industrial and civil sludges.

The sludge disposal cost is becoming higher and higher and tanners are in constant research to find solutions to solve this environmental and economic problem.

Cartigliano technology promises to turn the waste into a revenue, because sludge can be energetically valorized.

Their motto is “we give an added value to your product”. A promise that they want to keep in every field.