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Officine di Cartigliano presents: Cartigliano Square – Tanning Tech Trade Fair 2018

Conceived as “a tribute to the idea of the piazza”, the title celebrates town squares, especially when we think of the great historical examples, like Piazza San Marco, now a UNESCO World Heritage site, or Piazza dei Signori in Vicenza, or even the impressive “chessboard square” of Piazza degli Scacchi in Marostica.

The square is a place to meet, acknowledge one another and celebrate the beauty and genius of humankind.

A must-do for we at Cartigliano SpA who consider hospitality a basic essential – not just at the fair but also in company business throughout the year.

We made Cartigliano Square the theme of the Tanning Tech fair 2018, where customers and friends old and new were able to get together again.

So this was just the right opportunity to consolidate our brand in hide drying, conditioning and stretching processes and to introduce the revolutionary new drying technique for finishing: the RF Finishing system.

The RF Finishing system was showcased at the fair in all its magnificence by our sales team, who gave detailed explanations to visitors, together with simulations.

A brilliant innovation that dries only the finishing product without heating the hide and therefore without losing quality, performance and footage.

The result? Customers interested and eager to try the technology on their own products.

Delighting our palates during the three days will be De Pretto catering (, our historic partner for these special occasions, always on hand to offer a range of different menus and solutions.

Just like ourselves.

The Cartigliano Company feeling: you can’t explain it in a few words. You have to live it!

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