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Radio Frequency Drying Technology

With the introduction of Radio Frequency Drying Technology, it is possible to dry the leather more uniformly, reducing drying times and increase softness

A Revolutionary Drying Technology for Leather

How Does Radio Frequency work?

The Radio Frequency drying technology works only when it finds water in the leather.

During RF drying, heat is generated within  the leather due to molecular friction resulting from oscillating molecules and ions caused by the applied alternating electric field

Result: water is evaporating.

The result is a uniform leather, with the same humidity in each point of its area. 

Cartigliano RF Drying grants continuous working flow, one piece after the other one. Repeatability and consistency of product are essential performance of Cartigliano technologies, including its new RF dryer.

The Radio Frequency drying technology works only when it finds water in the leather.

Unlike traditional drying (slow and at a variable temperature), RF allows you to dry the leather uniformly, maintaining softness and fullness properties 

of Radio Frequenza Finishing Technology

Leather Softness

Leather Softness

Leather Haptic Softness Break

  • Superior Touch due to “low” temperature and volume metric heating / drying
  • Excellent Softness behaviour due to prevention of “toasting effect” caused by high temperature (e.g. traditional drying system IR; Steam)
  • Relaxed Leather and Fibre Character (full & round body) due to “vaporizing” the water from the inside to the outside of the Leather-Surface
  • Enhancement of tighter Leather-Break due to avoidance or reduction of Milling operations                                                   



Excellent Finish Flow Performance especially on
TopCoat Applications 

  • Excellent Finish Flow performance due to “lower” Leather surface temperatures 
  • Due to improved Finish Flow, applications with lower VOC content possible (same physical performance) 
  • Very smooth finish surfaces with enhanced depth of colour achievable
  • Even on difficult surfaces or challenging applications (Top-Coat), RF dried finishes are achieving outstanding results



Smooth and relaxed Surfaces, extreme good coverage 

  • The excellent Finish Flow performance in combination of the gentle   drying behaviour supports the coverage power of the finish products, especially smaller natural defects like pinholes, insect bites are less visible   
  • The relaxed surface and fibre behaviour, in conjunction with the very smooth finish surface is leading to an Premium Nappa upgrade
  • “Lower” graded Nappa Selection can be upgraded through the Radio Frequency  to a higher graded Selection

Shrink Behavior

Shrink Behavior

No Shrink; Possibility of gaining area

  • Due to the gentle and low temperatures applied during the RF process, the leather fibres stay relaxed and showing no shrinkage behaviour  
  • The “vaporizing” effect (MAGIC MOMENT) of the leather fibres provoked by the RF drying method allows mechanical staking activities directly after the base coat application 
  • It has been proven that yield gains between 2-3 % through intermediate staking (after base coat) during the finish process are possible; without sacrificing quality

Do you use Conventional Drying or…
Radio Frequency Technology?

Radio Frequency

Magic Moment;
RF + Staking Machines = Possibility of gaining area

Application Base Coat  & Radio Frequency Drying Technology

Conventional Drying

No footage increase

Base Coat Application & Conventional Drying

of the Cartigliano Radio Frequency Technology

produzione e processi, radiofrequenza

Production, Process

  • Possibile elimination of additional process or reducend milling
  • Direct embossing / Graining Possible
  • One piece flow production possible
  • Increased Output
  • No Preheating Process Needed
qualità e performance per i clienti

Quality, Performance 

  • Improved physical leather performance due to continuous process  
  • Reliable quality through constant product, mainly tightness and softness
  • Less rejects due less variations in production process
costi, competitività radiofrequenza

Cost, Competitiveness 

  • Better Rendement due to less shrink
  • Improved (Net-) Yield due to tighter more uniform and consistent leather quality
  • Reduced chemical cost due to one piece flow Less Inventory due to faster throughput as well reduced rejects Rate (internal & external)
  • Reduced Energy Cost through using leading Edge Technology
  • Ability of using lower grade Raw material
leadership nella rifinizione, radiofrequenza,


  • Being Leader in Automotive Finishing 
  • Due to improved Cost and Efficiency position, gaining of new market shares possible  

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