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For years, Officine di Cartigliano has been investing in two other sectors that it considers to be of key importance for humans: food and pollution

The gap between consumption needs and production capacity has created a logistical problem in the food sector that must be addressed. Some foods produced in one country are then sold and consumed in others, potentially resulting in a deterioration over time between production and consumption.

Using a system internationally patented by Officine di Cartigliano, development is underway to be able to store foods outside of the refrigeration cycle, while maintaining the usual sensory and nutritional properties of fresh food products.

This research programme started in the late 80’s and has recently begun to show results for the pasteurisation and sterilisation of various types of milk, fruit and vegetable formulations, egg pasteurisation, etc.

An electromagnetic field is used to pasteurise and sterilise foodstuffs at low temperatures, without ionising the product itself, to achieve the result of a food product with sensory, nutritional and vitamin content properties that are very similar to those of fresh products, but with the ability to be stored and consumed while maintaining their fresh characteristics in the long term.