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Reduce waste and turn it into a new product?

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Reduce waste and turn it into a new product?

Cartigliano, obviously can do it!

In a historical period in which landfills are saturated and no longer able to receive more waste, the installation of a Cartigliano Drying System allows to the companies an intelligent, economical and environmentally friendly management.

Cartigliano has invested considerable resources in the field of treatment and valorization of sludge deriving from industrial and civil wastewater treatment plants and processing waste.

Thanks to an absolutely innovative drying technology, Cartigliano is able to evaporate water from waste and reduce its mass and volume, thus drastically lowering management and disposal costs.
This is not just a system that can reduce costs, but also and first of all, this technology solves the environmental problem related to transport and waste management.
The same waste, through this drying process, can be valorized, reused and transformed into a new sub-product.

The reduction of the polluting load of sludge from sewage treatment plants represents today one of the environmental priorities.

The goal of Cartigliano?

To find a solution that can satisfy end users, create customized systems, progress in the research for increasingly reliable, low consumption and environmentally friendly technologies.