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Bonfanti Vimar Museum: a tribute to car upholstery leather processing

The “BONFANTI” – VIMAR Car Museum now has a newly installed mini-exhibit dedicated to the processing and care of upholstery leather.

The venture celebrates Veneto creativity, culture, art and, of course, car engines. Naturally, this tribute addresses the entrepreneurial skills of our land and our region. And in the field of mobility, motorsports and advanced technology, those skills are absolutely second to none.

A few months ago the then Heritage and Culture Minister Giuliano Urbani said during his visit to Bassano:
“If you invest in culture you enhance your products, and this is something that you know very well; it doesn’t matter whether it’s wine, clothing or ball bearings. What matters is acknowledging the cultural roots it springs from; that way you can demonstrate that you can really do things right.”

Officine di Cartigliano SPA has decided to share this initiative, because the future – culturally and economically – is not just in our hands, it is in the strength of our ideas.

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