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Vacuum Dryer

The new model Cartigliano Fast & Furious³ (FF3 Nero) is added to Cartigliano’s Vacuum Dryer technologies. The leather drying process is one of the most delicate and it consists in evaporating water at low temperature under vacuum conditions.

Thanks to the Vacuum Group performances is possible to limit work temperature of the tables and the leathers will be dried evenly at low temperature.

Our R&D Department with skilled technicians has been designed a new model of Vacuum Dryer technology Fast&Furious3 (FF3) Nero. This model guaranteed high performance of work and design with attention to every details. A technology that embodies the characteristics that have always distinguished the brand Officine di Cartigliano S.p.A.

Technical Features Vaccum Dryer Fast & Furious3 (FF3  Nero)
  • Tube nest: Through feed condensers. This solution grants an optimized efficiency and a comfortable cleaning operation of the tubes;
  • Vacuum Unit with 2.000 m3/hourcapacity composed by:
    Blower + Intercooler + Blower + Water Ring
    Continuous liquid feeding with coolingtower’s water, with return to tank.
    * Optional: 2.500 m3/hour vacuum unit
  • Vertical electrical panel: modern, compact and conceptually optimized;
  • Stainless steel pneumatic valves (ex. Valvaut);
  • Stainless steel ball valves (Hot Water Valves)
Vacuum Dryer advatages compared to the direct competitors
  • New Concept Vacuum Unit designed tooptimize and maintain maximum performances during the entire workingphase of the Vacuum Dryer: 0÷500mbar
  • Air cooled hydraulic unit: water heatexchanger has been removed and all the problems related to water supply and cleaning operations have been completely eliminated;
  • Improved operators’ safety inloading/unloading zone with electro-mechanical safety bars and laser beamsinterceptors;
  • Upper position of the hydraulic unit givescompactness to the equipment. Hydrauliccircuit’s distribution in stainless steeltubes ensures higher safety, illimitateddurability, remarkable aestethic impact. Zero oil spills risks.
  • Through-feed condenser: improved efficiency and easy cleaning operations;
  • Vacuum, cold and hot water Corrugatedflexible hoses, coated in PE material, in order to follow curving during tables’ vertical movement: maximum durability;
  • Lateral vacuum circuit (on column): modern solution, lenght reduction and less pressure drops;
  • Lateral heating circuit (on column): modern solution, lenght reduction and no installation task from customer’s side.

The performance is guaranteed by the equipment of an innovative Vacuum Unit specifically designed for leather VacuumDryer.


The quality is guaranteed by using first choice material and by the installation carried out by highly qualified technical staff.


Reliability is guaranteed the continuous search for design and construction solutions developed over years of presence in the market.


Cartigliano focus on the environment not only at the energy saving machines but also in terms of corporate welfare: emissions control in the production step, health and well-being of workers, Lean Production to minimize waste and reduce consumption.