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Our welcome to the New Assomac

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Our welcome to the New Assomac

Today 05th December 2016, we are in Assomac’s head office in Vigevano (National Association of Technologies Manufacturers for Shoe, Leather good and Tannery industry).

We have been invited to discuss the upgrading of the Association’s Statute, following to the new guidelines of Confindustria (National Industry Association), and to face important issues about our category.

We are welcome by the President Mrs. Gabriella Bocca and Director Mr. Amilcare Baccini, in a very elegant and refined room.

After the welcome drink we are moving to the meeting room. Here the President starts the speech thanking everyone for the large presence at the event.

After a short time, the speech is focused on the New Statute approval, followed by an analysis about the general economic situation.

The President talks about all the news introduced by Assomac, which intention is to be closer to the needs of its associates.

We are glad to note the world-wide presence of Assomac, which is very important for representing its associates in the world, and is giving the guidelines necessary for renovating the working methods of the Companies, making them more modern and capable to face the actual problems that the global market requires.

This is what we do every day: travel, know new business realities, promote our presence locally, create new business connections, invite customers to visit our beautiful Country and our Company, in short… BE A TEAM!

Countries such as Egypt, Vietnam, Cuba and Iran are only waiting for us.

Later the President introduces two new innovative projects: “Green Label” and “Industria 4.0”.

We are happy to know that the Green Label is highly requested in all sectors. This is not only as a mere sticker to be attached on a machine, but embeds all the Companies involved in the entire production chain.

Our Company will join this project, as we always follow this philosophy during the production of machineries and technologies.

We will also join the Industria 4.0 as this project is very important for us. In fact we are already following this indications concerning Technological Innovation, development incentives and, also, fiscal advantages.

In conclusion: we found a New Assomac, full of curiosity, initiative and enthusiasm!

Our congratulations go to President Mrs. Gabriella Bocca, as per her words, has dressed Assomac’s system with a “woman’s dress”, announcing indubitable successful changes.

The final surprise for Cartigliano: Assomac rewards its associates.

After 55 years of activity, here’s our prize, which is offered to our President Dr. Antonio Polato, who is very thankful and praises the President Bocca and Director Baccini for hospitality and for this renovation.

Thanks for hospitality and for this renovation.