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Green Week Festival 2022

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Green Week Parma, Officine di Cartigliano Spa

Green Week Festival 2022

Last week , Officine di Cartigliano, opened the doors to the Green Week students in occasion to  the Open Factory event. The students, who came from all the universities in Italy, were welcomed by the sales department, which brought to their attention the  Tannery World, an increasingly niche and cutting-edge market given the presence in Arzignano of the most important leather processing district.
Drying is our know-how, which we have also applied to the environmental sector by designing a plant for drying sludge from civil and industrial waste water treatment plants.

How much sludge do we produce? How do we dispose it and above all… how much does it cost to dispose  it? These were the topics addressed during the hours spent together. Afterwards, the students visited the R&D where the EFT Cartigliano industrial plant is placed to learn how it works and understand its advantages compared to other technologies in the market.

The festival continues and on Saturday 12th in the afternoon, Laura Bertacco, CEO, took part in the talk: ‘With our technologies we make the World sustainable’. An opportunity to discuss with other companies and learn about the projects they are pursuing not only in terms of environmental but also social sustainability. Drying sludge means reducing its mass and volume, which enables companies to reduce disposal costs (about 80% of the material transported by road is water). Thanks to our  low-temperature drying Plant,  we stabilise the product and with some industrial processing we are able to get it back on the market in a new form. We give an added value to the product.

Social sustainability, on the other hand, comes through the Giano project: “We manufacture the future”. An example of welfare in the area to support families by going against the ever-increasing phenomenon of declining birth rates.