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conferenza stampa, giano fabbrichiamo il futuro

Giano, We build the future

Giano – We build the future is a project born from companies that belong to Cartigliano’s  Municipality to give an active economic support to the community.

The common value that originated Giano’s  project – we build the future is the belief that the companies can create a VALUE inside the territory playing a very important social role.

The initiative supports the projects that help the families that live in the Municipality ; this is an active companies’ response to the growing problem of the birth decreasing rates.

Often many families are forced to give up their second or third child due to economic problems, so Officine di Cartigliano S.p.A. joins to this the project by committing itself to the citizens of Cartigliano territory  to support those who will be “the men and women of the future”

To support Giano projectwe build the future are 15 senior companies and numerous freelancers, traders, artisans and individuals residing in Cartigliano. We hope that the number of supporters will increase because only together can we make the difference!

To join the project: