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Celebrating Mr. Chung and his 30 years of loyalty to Cartigliano

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Celebrating Mr. Chung and his 30 years of loyalty to Cartigliano

Today we tell you a story of a great friendship, born in 1986 between Mr. Chung and Cartigliano.
Yes, 30 years have passed already but time seems to have passed too fast.
Mr. Chung wanted to celebrate this first goal, made of deep dedication, tenacity, courage and perseveration.
He invited ALL Cartigliano staff (new and old friends) to celebrate this Anniversary with a magnificent dinner.
We were in 100 (maybe more!) honoured guests, in the exceptionally location of the Cartigliano R&D department.
An important location, where we closed important deals, discussions, meetings and opportunities.
Here we feel at home.
Cartigliano President Dr. Polato introduces Mr. Chung, speaking about courage and enthusiasm; while a touched Mr. Chung recalls the beginning of this beautiful story, remembering the first difficulties in a country like Korea 30 years ago, connected to historical traditions and its first shy and endless tentatives of approaching the clients with new technologies.
Then the first successes and then, step by step, the reference names of great standing, thanks to the support of a Company always on the side of its Agent, ready to listen the Clients and solve their problems, trying to give an added value to their product.

A burst of applause accompanies the delivery of a huge Cup, as a present for 30 Years Loyalty, a medal and a Montegrappa pen, as reward from Cartigliano Team.

A moment of sincere conviviality, that consolidates the membership spirit of Cartigliano working Team, always more and more cohesive and united.
Here are a few significant photos of the evening.