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A victory for legality and effectiveness of patents

We are happy to announce another success, aided by the professionalism and experience of legal representatives Mannucci and Frullano (San Giuliano Terme – PISA) working on behalf of Officine di Cartigliano SPA.
The article that we publish today celebrates a victory for justice, the worth and value of patents, the professionalism of our lawyers and the trademark of CARTIGLIANO – a company that has NEVER plagiarised or copied its competitors, but instead makes research and innovation its business commitment.
Be wary of those who make glib promises and seek an easy win: instances of brand and trade mark fraud are increasingly frequent, causing harm to enterprises and individuals. For firms operating in a highly globalised economic environment marked by increasingly extensive technological innovation, protecting their brands is essential because it means defending, maintaining and increasing their competitiveness.
Officine di Cartigliano SPA: Beware of imitations!