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Simac Tanning Tech 2022

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Simac Tanning Tech 2022

See you at Simac Tanning Tech, 20-22 September 2022!
PAV. 18 – STAND: E19 E27 F20 F28 – F19 F27
This year the theme that most represents us is the RESPONSIBILITY.
For over 60 years we have been designing and producing innovative low temperature drying plants for different materials using different technologies – ranging from:

  • Vacuum Plants with Radio Frequency heating for drying polimers, cannabis, nuts, pasta, etc;
  • Vacuum Plants for drying civil and industrial sludge and wet residues;
  • Vacuum Plants for drying leather in its different steps.

Cartigliano’s effort was to design and build increasingly efficient plants using low temperature to minimise the energy consumption and the environmental impact.
The Responsibility is linked to the ENERGETIC SAVING and consequently to the environmental protection.
Our plants are powered by electric energy and they do not use fossil fuels.

Thanks to the POREG (POwer REGenerator), multifunctional unit that works in a closed circuit, it is possible to have a 35% energy saving on the production costs of the Vacuum Dryers and also a significant saving of water consumption.
What is our challenge? Drying by decreasing the working temperatures of the machines, which allows maximum results during the delicate drying phase. Result: the leathers remain full, round, soft and lose neither thickness nor footing.

During the fair we will talk about POREG, the innovations and goals achieved with RF Crust/Finishing equipment.
The stand concept is the link between the Italian history that is proyected into the future by connecting with the goals of the European Agenda 2030. “Cartigliano is ready!”

Ready, responsible and always projected into the future!

We also find our responsibility in the welfare business projects that we are carrying on to support local families. It is possible thanks to the project Giano:fabbrichiamo il futuro.

This is Cartigliano: a reality in continuous evolution with the same ENTHUSIASM that distinguishes us to give the best to all of you!

We look forward to welcoming you at the FAIR

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