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Simac Tanning Tech 2020

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Simac Tanning Tech 2020

Are you ready to be surprised by Cartigliano?

Also this year Cartigliano has reserved an area of 400 sq/m at next Tanning Tech fair, which will be held in Milan on February 19th-21st 2020.

While last year’s theme was “Cartigliano in the Space”, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of moon landing, this year the theme of our booth will be the Sea.

As you know, Cartigliano is very sensitive to the environmental aspects and we would like to promote leathers as a sustainable by-product of food industry, against plastic material.

In our booth visitors will have the possibility of exploring the oceans, understanding that respecting our planet means acting consciously in every day’s choices.

During the exhibition, Cartigliano’s visitors are invited to see (and test) our Staking machine mod.416Nero, the new Radio Frequency unit, the heart of Cartigliano “a-CNS” Vacuum Dryer and the inlet part of the Sludge Dryer.

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