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EFT Cartigliano,
Low temperature Through-Feed
Sludge Dryer

Low temperature, low power consumption, environmentally friendly

The EFT Cartigliano Dryer dries the incoming product, bringing it to a humidity of 10÷15%, thereby reducing its outgoing weight by over 70% and decreasing its volume by 50÷60%.
The EFT was built to dry materials such as dewatered sewage and industrial sludge, animal manure, biomass and wet processing waste.

The machine is virtually hermetic: the moisture removed from the product is entirely condensed into dedicated air/water coils placed above the machine, thereby avoiding emissions into the atmosphere.
All this makes EFT a technologically innovative machine that is entirely compatible with our environment.

The EFT dryer is an innovative machine; unlike the dryers on the market, the heat is essentially transmitted by convention and not by radiation, thereby prioritising the speed parameter over the drying air temperature parameter, i.e. low-quality primary energy is used (water at 80-85° C).

To increase the heat exchange surface and to prevent dust forming when drying, the material is extruded and stretched out evenly with a tilting movement over the machine’s entire operating width before entering the EFT.

The Dryer is modular, with 2 to 12 modules. This means that it is not necessary to replace the machine in the event of increased future productivity.

Cartigliano sludge and wet residuals drying system

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