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R&D Department

Only place in the world completely dedicated to trials and researches in the leather drying field
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Invitation to Cartigliano premises!

Cartigliano: a unique place Cartigliano is proud to invite you to discover the only place in the world completely dedicated to trials and researches in the Leather Drying field

A place studied and designed exclusively to give to the tannery a chance to increase their knowledge and experience for what concerns drying, conditioning and staking processes.


Cartigliano R&D dept.:
a facility completely dedicated to trials 

A complete Line

Cartigliano R&D dept. offers a complete Cartigliano Line, composed by the following machines:

  • Sammying-setting out machine;
  • Wet Stretching machine;
  • Feeder;
  • New generation 6 Table a-CNS Vacuum Dryer mm.7000×3200;
  • Wet Stretching machine;
  • New generation Conditioning Unit mod. TAIC 10×7;
  • New generation Four Head Staking machine mod. 416 Nero;
  • Stacker;
  • Measuring machine.
Dipartimento R&D | Officine di Cartigliano
Dipartimento R&D | Officine di Cartigliano
Dipartimento R&D | Officine di Cartigliano
Dipartimento R&D | Officine di Cartigliano

Final Cartigliano Conditioning:
Uniform and natural Drying

New generation conditioning unit:

  • Continuous production;
  • Very short drying and conditioning cycles, around 30 minutes;
  • Constancy: constant production irrespective of outside weather conditions;
  • Uniformity: the leathers are thoroughly conditioned in all the parts and, thanks to the vaporized air injection system, both on outer and inner parts. Blades of air are continuously supplied, at equal pressures and opposed; the air is introduced at high pressure;
  • Compactness: the continuous system is modular (from 3 to 12 modules) and comprises a conveyor system, that is articulated in 5 or 7 work levels, enables a reduction in overall machine length;
  • Low energy consumption.

Each module, two meters in length, can be added in sequence according to production needs. It is composed in the lower part by the conditioning work levels. The top of each module produces the treated and conditioned air. The work parameters of the machine – air temperature, air humidity, conveyor speed – can be programmed and controlled by means of electronic sensors by a PLC connected to the central system. Thanks to the high pressure continuous system on the two sides, grain and flesh, the leather stays extremely FLAT compared to traditional treatments, resulting lower loss of yield.

Final Staking:
the new 416 Nero Staking machine

The New 416 Nero Staking machine represents the evolution and the maximum expression of innovation of Cartigliano Four head staking machines.
This new machine grants a larger staking area and therefore a much higher performance. New reinforced structure, new pin/plates configuration, new design, new software completely customized following clients’ requests.
This machine is complete with all optional included in the supply.

Cartigliano’s mission: making leather noble

Cartigliano believes in the future of the tannery innovation

This facility offers the possibility to test all type of more advanced and updated drying, conditioning and staking systems for any kind of leathers or skins for the different final destinations.

Facts – no words
This facility is at the tanneries complete disposal, completely free; in fact, we want to give the possibility to test with the “just in time” the most modern technologies in terms of: quality, yield gain, consistency and constancy.

Cartigliano’s mission: giving an added value to the leather
Cartigliano works in team with clients to find the best solution, improves their crust on a high quality level, grants a considerable upgrading of the product.
Leather treated with cartigliano technology emphasizes its characteristics of dimensioning, aesthetic and tactile; the same leather will need then only a light finishing, which will be less invasive, less expensive and less showy on the leather.

Cartigliano… always one step ahead
Starting from its knowledge and expertise, Cartigliano aims at finding always new technologies in the tannery field: this is the secret to become the leader in the tannery drying sector.

  • Radio Frequency: we have finished a study of a new drying system through Radio Frequency technology, to dry water contained in the base coats and top coats on the finished leather. Since the last years, Cartigliano is also studying the application of its knowledge and patents to a different field.
  • Sludge Treatment: Cartigliano Dryer mod.EFT can dry tannery/industrial sludges down to 10÷15% humidity. A very important advantage for the tannery, that grants a product’s weight reduction of more than 70% and a volume reduction of 50÷60%. Furthermore, the product stabilization gives an added value to the final material. EFT dryer can process civil and industrial sludges, humid residuals, animal waste and biomass.
    Cartigliano invested over 2.5 millions euro to create this
    facility that covers an area of more than 1.500 square