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Cookie policy

Management of cookies

By using this website, the visitor expressly agrees to use of cookies.
The cookies are connected to the browser used and can be disabled directly from the browser, to refuse/withdraw consent to their use, in accordance with Regulation EU 679/2016 (the so-called G.D.P.R.). Please note that disabling cookies might prevent correct use of certain functions of the website.
Further information on the procedures to disable cookies is available on the supplier’s website on your own browser.

What cookies are

A cookie is a text file that is stored on a computer, tablet, mobile telephone or any other device used to browse the Internet. They store browsing information on the user and their preferences.
Certain cookies may be used to make browsing simpler and to customise the user’s experience on the website, by identifying them when they visit the website.
Certain cookies may indicate which sections of the website are visited the most, which helps Cartigliano S.p.A. to make business assessments.
Cartigliano S.p.A. complies with the requirements of the personal data protection code (“Privacy Code”), as amended by Italian Legislative Decree no. 69 of 28 May 2012, transposing European Directive 2009/136/EC and in compliance with the requirements of Regulation EU 679/2016 (so-called G.D.P.R.).

Types of cookies

Cookies may be classified as:

  • Session cookies, or temporary cookies, which expire or are deleted when the browser is closed, while persistent cookies remain for longer (from a few minutes to whole months), depending on the functions they perform. These are precisely the functions that divide cookies into two categories; technical and non-technical (or profiling) cookies.
  • Technical cookies, which manage the data needed to provide the pages and assist browsing, such as avoiding the need to enter the username and password again to log in to particular services, remembering the last page visited or up to which point a video has been viewed, recognising the device being used and adapting the image size accordingly. Technical cookies also allow performance of aggregate statistical analysis on the most visited pages and on users’ preferences, but only in anonymous form. They are not used to analyse the behaviour or preferences of individual users.
  • Profiling cookies, which are permanent cookies used to identify (anonymously or not) the user’s preferences and improve their browsing experience
    The cookies may be provided directly by the operator of the website on which the user is browsing (first-party cookie) or, in the case of links to other websites for particular functions, by third parties (third-party cookies).

Cookies used:

This website uses the following types of cookie:
Browser cookies: these allow the user to display this website, ensure it functions correctly, create their own account and log in to reserved areas. They are essential to correct functioning of the website
Functional cookies: these remember the user’s preferences and assist in using this website as efficiently as possible, by storing services and events previously displayed, for example. Functional cookies are not essential to functioning of the website, but they add services and improve the overall browsing experience.
Analytics cookies: these analyse how the website is used and consequently optimise and improve it, as well as ensuring it always functions properly. The data obtained relates to the pages visited, the type of platform used, information on date and time and data such as the number of clicks on a specific page, word searches and the text entered during use of the website.

Third-party cookies:

This website uses Share This third-party cookies. Consult the related policy at: ShareThis cookies policy

Social Media Cookies:

This website does not use the so-called “Social network” cookies.

Privacy policy:

Last review: 15 September 2018