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Cartigliano wants to share with you all the news of 2021. A way to keep you up to date on what is happening in our company.

Cartigliano Virtual Trial

A new “VIRTUAL VISIT” to always stay in touch with our clients.

As you know, the COVID-19 emergency has limited and deeply transformed our way of living and moving around. Traveling in the last year has been very complicated. In addition to the proposal for the vaccination plan made by Cartigliano, we have developed a Virtual Trial Room, a way to share the information and the results of tests made in Cartigliano to all our customers.

The leather tests are explained and shown to our customer inside a virtual tour, where the client will see all the processes, parameters, settings and performance of the different machines. When the test is completed, the processed leathers are sent back to the customer who will be able to finally touch with his hands the results of the Cartigliano technology.


New Vacuum Dryer model: Fast & Furious³ Nero

The Cartigliano new model Fast & Furious ³ (FF³ Nero) expands the range of Vacuum drying machines for leather. The process consists in removing water from leather by a low temperature evaporation. The low temperature of tables and the fast vacuum circuit’s pumping down and high flow rate grants uniform dried leathers at low temperature.


Our R&D department, supported by highly specialized technicians, has designed the new Fast & Furious ³ (FF³ Nero) Vacuum Dryer. A model that guarantees high working performance, with a special attention also to the design of the machine, that embodies the characteristics that have always distinguished Cartigliano brand.


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