Via S. Giuseppe, 2 – 36050 Cartigliano (VI)

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Officine di Cartigliano researches, designs and manufactures tanning machines, radio frequency sterilisers for the pasteurisation and sterilisation of food products and sewage sludge driers

Leather Division

Radio Frequency Food Division

Environment Division

Radio Frequency Technology

A Revolutionary Drying Technology for Leather

Thanks to Cartigliano RADIO FREQUENCY Drying technology,
it is possible to dry the trapped water starting from the inside, the cross-section of the leather

''Antonio Pigafetta'’ Award

Another important award from the Vicenza Chamber of Commerce for exports and business internationalisation

``Companies for Innovation`` Award

Finalist at the 2014 edition of the Andrea Pininfarina Companies for Innovation Award, with a Special Mention for Expo 2015

``Best Innovation Process`` Award

Innovation award to the APLF in Hong Kong, one of the most internationally important tanning industry trade fairs

``Assomac`` Award

Prize awarded by Assomac to Officine di Cartigliano for 55 years as a leader in the tanning machinery sector

``MF Innovazione`` Award

The MF Innovation Award was given to Officine di Cartigliano on the occasion of the 6th edition of the Veneto Awards

``Internazionale Le Fonti`` Award

A tanning industry company of the year award for creativity, dedication, perseverance and continuous research


Officine di Cartigliano Spa supports:

  • US Marosticense;
  • Realfutsal Arzignano;
  • ASD Cartigliano;
  • Telethon


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