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ISO 9001:2008 Certifications

Create an internal company organisational system that will apply to all business processes
whose specifications meet the requirements of ISO 9001
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Policy for the quality

The objective of Officine di Cartigliano Spa is that to be prepared to deal successfully with the competitive challenge of the coming years focusing on innovation and product improvement and plants, on the realization and installation of machinery and equipment high quality standards, promising at the same time the overall business profitability.

The management is aware that the customer satisfaction is the key factor for the long-term success of the company. Therefore, it becomes important to define and actualize a “Quality Management System” that can ensure:

  • The design, construction, installation and machines and plant servicing comply to the requirements and customer expectations of and the legislation and mandatory regulations;
  • System Certification by Third Body in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001.

The Officine di Cartigliano Spa also intends to pursue a strategy of continuous improvement of all processes and products and identifies the the “Quality Management System” the essential support tool to achieve it. The achievement of these intentions is possible only with the involvement of all company resources.

So the Officine di Cartigliano Spa management, asking to all its employees a direct and constant commitment, ensure:

  • Its commitment to transmit this policy and the objectives for quality, and its periodically direct availability to checking its implementation;
  • The availability of the means and resources needed to achieve the defined objectives.

Motivation and professional updating training of resources will be assured through constant information and training of staff involved in the “Quality Management System”.

Cartigliano, 4 June 2009 – The General Director Dott. A. Polato