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Cartigliano de México

A unique place for drying hides
The best facility equipped with Cartigliano technology
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Cartigliano de México

Founded in 1992

Cartigliano de México S.A. de C.V. is a Tannery based in Leòn, founded in 1992

Officine di Cartigliano Italy represents the most innovative Company for what concerns leather drying. There is no other place in the world equipped like Cartigliano de Mexico.
Today the new frontier of the Cartigliano drying is the Freezing drying, a new innovative technology that grants a deep and natural drying of the leather in the Vacuum Dryer: this way the leather is perfectly thermo-fixed, does not lose area at all and appears full and round. The natural effect is guaranteed.

La costruzione dello stabilimento Cartigliano de México
La costruzione dello stabilimento Cartigliano de México
La costruzione dello stabilimento Cartigliano de México
La costruzione dello stabilimento Cartigliano de México

Automotive leather

Since 2007 Cartigliano de Mexico is specialized in the production of automotive leather.
This facility is working as contractor for some of the main Automotive Leather Suppliers. Thanks to these partnerships, Cartigliano de México has obtained all certifications concerning leather Drying process, required by the main Automotive Industries.
All other automotive leather suppliers have been compelled to follow Cartigliano Drying process to accomplish with Automotive leather industry’s requirements.

Last generation technologies

Cartigliano de Mexico is continuously updated, year after year, with the last generation Cartigliano technologies.
This facility represents the maximum expression of high technology and grants greatest yield, high quality and absolute constancy for all types of leathers, from sides to hides, from automotive to furniture, shoe-uppers and bags.
Our knowhow, experience and technology in Mexico is available for all those clients who need a qualified and certified drying specialist. And Cartigliano for sure represents the greatest expression of innovation, reliability and capability for the very important drying process.

Cartigliano de México
Vista esterna stabilimento Cartigliano de Mexico
Cartigliano de México
Immagini ingresso Cartigliano de Mexico
Cartigliano de México
Momento con clienti in produzione Cartigliano de Mexico
Cartigliano de México
Nuovo LTD presso Cartigliano de Mexico

Cartigliano Italy is continuously conveying to Cartigliano de Mexico the best know-how and working processes required for the automotive production.
A unique opportunity reserved in Mexico, that has become one of the most important technology centre in the world, thanks also to Cartigliano’s support

All the qualified personnel – starting from production managers, to quality control managers and all machines’ operators – represents the best union between Cartigliano technology, production capacity and certified experience.

For what concerns planned maintenance, Cartigliano de Mexico is equipped with high experienced and very skilled mechanical personnel.

We are certified and we normally receive visit for the possible process certification, from Audi Volkswagen group, Toyota, Nissan, etc. From these Companies we receive always the maximum certification grade.

Production capacity of Cartigliano de Mexico is 3.000 whole hides per day, processed with different systems, according to client’s request.


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